Sirius Satellite Radio Website Review & Ratings + Sirius Satellite Radio Coupons
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Sirius Satellite Radio Website Review & Ratings + Sirius Satellite Radio Coupons

Sirius Satellite Radio: Products & Services

Sirius Sattelite Radio, is a subscription radio music service that offers its subscribers over 165 diverse music channels. Sirius is available for use on nearly every platform, and on almost every device including tablet PC's, smart TV's, cell phones, and in certain automobiles. Sirius has recently started offering pre installed packages of their software in certain vehicles, and also contracted services with indenpendent businesses.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Company Background

Sirius is a satellite radio service that operates in North America. Sirius was originally launched in July of 2002, and originally offered a stream of 65 unique radio stations. The service was developed to provide music listeners with a broad range of musical genres that play nonstop, commercial free, twenty four hours a day. The business model of Sirius, is very similar to premium TV service, or premium video streaming service. For a monthly service fee, music data is supplied to the consumer via satellite data link. Sirius was the brain child of Martine Rothblat, David Margolese, and Robert Briskman. All three of the founders had worked for years in satellite technology. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The general tone of the reviews I found for Sirius, were mixed. There were more positive comments like "This service makes long drives not only tolerable, but fun!" ~ Linda M; However there were also comments that said negative things like "Overpriced and it has bad reception."~ Jake L. According to, a popular online consumer review site, Sirius, gets an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The majority of the positives comments on Yelp, are centered around the channel selection and ease of use. Many of the negative comments focus mainly on price, and customer service. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Sirius Satellite Radio, is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau, nor does the Bureau currently offer a grade, or assessment for the company. While the Better Business Bureau does not offer a grade for Sirius, it does monitor consumer complaints about the company. Currently, their are 7,114 closed complaints against Sirius. Sirius, has been the topic of many media reports, and has garnered endorsements from such outlets as "The New York Times." Sirius also offers stations piloted by many emmy award winning personalities such as, Howard Stern, and John Madden.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Sirius Satellite Radio, has a highly popular website. The official website for the company garners a Google Page Rank of six out of ten, and an Alexa website ranking of #4,228. The website information report site,, estimates that Sirius' official website attracts 260,170 unique views daily, and has a total monthly ads revenue of $23,314. Sirius, also has a total of 4,719 backlinks, and gets an overall page status of 3 out of five. You can read the full review by visiting the link listed above. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Social Media Presence

Sirius, has a large social media presence, and the accounts associated with the company are updated on a daily basis. Sirius' Facebook account has a total of 558,000 likes, and is the topic of Facebook Conversation over 10,000 times per day. Sirius also has a large following on Twitter. The account boasts 2,807 followers. The account has a total of 385 tweets, and over a thousand retweets. Sirius, is also the subject of a blog called "Sirius Buzz." This blog is updated twice a week, and provides subscribers with updates and news about the company, and changes to it's platform.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Website Security & Safety

Sirius' official website, is not currently listed as suspicious by Google Safe Browser. The official site has been tested ten times in the last ninety days, and there has been no report of malicious software, or activity. Further, the site operates on two networks, and neither network has tested positive for malicious software, nor has any malicious activity eminated from any of the pages or networks. The Google Safe Browse report can be viewed in it's entirety, here

Sirius Satellite Radio: Pricing & Packages

From the information I could find in my research, it is very hard to determine the pricing of Sirius by comparison, because Sirius currently operates the only "satellite" music service in North America. With that being said, I am comparing the pricing of Sirius to other streaming music services. Compared to Pandora premium service, and Slacker Premium, Sirius, ranks higher in pricing than these other streaming music services. Pandora's premium service has a monthly subscription price of $9.95, and is available in cars, cell phones, and nearly all portable devices. Slacker, has a premium price of $10.99 monthly, and is available on portable devices. Sirius offers different levels of pricing depending on consumer preference. Their packages range on price from $14.99-$45.00.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping associated with this product. This product is a streaming sattelite service, and is transported via portable device. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Payment Methods Accepted

Sirius Satellite Radio, offers a large number of payment options. Currently, the company accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The company also accepts payment via PayPal, and also has an auto payment option, in which the consumer may choose to have their monthly payment automatically deducted fromt heir personal checking or savings account, or a debit card with a major credit card endorsement. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Sirius, currently offers a thirty day trial period for new portable customers, and a ninety day trial service on pre-installed automotive systems. The user can cancel the service at any time, however there is no guarantee of the return of any funds paid to Sirius. When service is cancelled, the charges for the month in which the cancellation occurs is prorated, and no further payment is necessary. 

Sirius Satellite Radio: Product images & screenshots
Sirius Satellite Radio Coupons
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